Depilatories are the most common forms of hair removal products that are found in the market, and everyone that has thought of getting waxing done at home has thought of using a depilatory. However, if you are confused regarding what depilatories meant and how to use them then this guide is going to be your best friend while you after doing it. Depilatories are hair removal creams that offer a non-permanent solution to removing hair painlessly and cheaply. They are easy to use and can be found in any store near your home. Let us first take a look at how these products work.

How Does Depilatories Work?

The depilatory items contain chemicals that are known to disintegrate the hair that you have. When you apply the solution to the area which you want to treat and left for some time the chemical compound weakens your hair and the hairs can then get easily removed just by rubbing the area which you have treated. In many regions, you will find the hair a lot coarser. So it is best if you use a product that has got stronger chemicals in them to remove your hair permanently. However, you should know that the depilatory only removes hair from the surface. It does not remove hair right from the roots to the hair usually grows back a lot faster than if you do traditional waxing. Let us take a look at how to use this product without causing any kind of damage in your skin.

How To Use The Depilatory Products In Your Home

Depilatory items are designed in a way that is going to make it easy for you to use at your home. All of these creams work in a really easy and hassle-free manner, so no matter whichever brand you have chosen for your skin, you need to take a look at this before you start to do your waxing:

  • The first and the foremost step of doing this is to ensure that you have perfectly cleaned the body parts in which you want to do the waxing. Using a body scrub is not recommended as it is going to leave your skin inflamed and irritated. It can also cause your skin to burn when you apply the depilatory product on it.
  • You will need to do a patch test to ensure that the product does not affect your skin in any way, not all products are suitable for everyone, and there are different items for the people with dry skin, for the people with normal skin and the people with sensitive skin, whatever you have to make sure you check it. For the patch test take a small amount of the depilatory product and apply it in a region about a square inch in size. After you have applied it wait for 5 minutes, see if any irritation occurs. In case nothing happens you are good to use the product, however, if you feel any kind of irritation in your skin you must not proceed with the application as it can make things much worse.
  • In the direction of the hair growth apply an excellent layer of the depilatory. Make sure you are covering the entire area on which you want the unwanted hair to be removed. On the pack, you will find an applicator or a spatula that is going to have a flat top. Make sure your spread and apply the cream with its help. You should be able to see the hair clearly under the gel or cream that you use. The depilatory items normally have these applicators so that it becomes easier to spread them with less effort however you can use anything other than metal spoons from home.
  • Now you will need to wait a few minutes after you have applied the cream. The usual waiting time is 5 to 7 minutes but make sure you never exceed the 10-minute mark. This time range varies from product to product, and it will be written on the pack that you buy. In case your skin feels irritated to make sure you remove it immediately. If nothing of that sort happens, do not remove the product before the minimum time is over as no action will take place.
  • After the time is over gently scratch a small part of your skin where the product is applied. If you find that the hair comes off easily without any traces left behind then the cream has worked, and you can now remove the product from your skin. Take the sharp side of the spatula and remove the hair in an opposite direction with the hair growth. If you find that the hair in the small region did not come out then wait for a couple of minutes. However, make sure it is never kept on your skin longer than the prescribed time as that can cause serious injuries to your skin.
  • After you have removed your unwanted hair from all the body parts, wash it gently with the help of cold water. However be sure not to use warm or hot water as that can agitate the skin and cause irritation. It can also cause burns in your skin so after you have removed the cream from your skin only use cold water so that there is a soothing sensation and any leftover product will also be removed.

The Do’s and Don’ts after Using a Depilatory Product

  • Never ever use any kind of fragrant product after you have used these items to remove any unwanted hair. Which means say no to talcum powder, does and even to perfumes? They can damage your skin even more. Make sure you also don’t use scented soaps while you are bathing, that can cause huge damage to your skin and make it irritated.
  • Never try to apply the depilatory product in the same area of your skin more than once. Repeated applications can cause serious complications because there are chemicals present in the waxing creams. So if the hair comes off, then it comes off after the first application, if it doesn’t then you must not apply it again immediately. Give it a gap of 15 days before you apply it on that particular body part again. Make sure you keep this thing in mind while application in your body.
  • Most of the products will tend to be smelly. However, don’t play with it or apply to regions in which they are not prescribed. Do not smell them as well. Breathing in the chemical ingredients is not a really good idea and may make you feel nauseated, or you can feel other side effects of it.
  • Don’t apply these products on your face. The hard wax beans products are not suitable for sensitive regions like the face or the genitalia. You can use it on your arms and legs and the torso. Applying it on the face can cause possible rashes and burns on your skin. So why risk it just for the sake of testing it when you can simply get your facial hair threaded easily. These products are only for the arms legs and the torso.

So this was all you needed to know about the depilatory application on your body. This guide will help you to use it methodically without causing any kind of damage or creating a mess in your house. With these items, you can get your waxing done at the comfort of your home without calling any of the professionals, so they are one of the most popular methods of hair removal all across the world. Go try it out for yourself today and feel your silky smooth skin.